Medical Alarm Concepts

As people continue to live longer and the cost of medical care increases all over the globe, first world economies struggle to find new technologies which will allow them to keep up with this ever increasing demand in a more cost-efficient manner.

Medical Alarm Concepts (OTC: MDHI) is already meeting that challenge head on by offering multiple solutions in the emerging mHealth (mobile health) sector, and is gearing up to revolutionize the entire global marketplace with our newest cutting-edge WHAM technology.

By combining the newest breakthroughs in technology with the existing telecommunications infrastructure worldwide, MDHI designs, develops, and delivers innovative next generation healthcare solutions which are desperately sought after globally.

What started out as the original MediPendant product, still available from Costco to Amazon, has evolved into a full line of advanced medical technologies which are easily adaptable to suit a wide range of needs, and are available in a variety of languages.


The Opportunity

The rapidly growing mHealth Market is currently exploding, from a mere $6.9 Billion last year to over $23 Billion in 2017. That’s over 200% growth in less than 3 years, and MDHI will capitalize through it’s brand new cutting edge WHAM technology suite.

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Welcome to Medical Alarm Concepts' Corporate Site
We are not just a medical alarm company - we are a company poised to deliver innovative concepts to the growing mHealth industry. Please read within for information about what we do, how we do it, and how we are growing!